My story with PRANIC HEALING

My story with PRANIC HEALING® started two years ago, in 2018.

I have been waiting for this event from long time ago. I have great chance to have this class here, with the beautiful Sakura flowers looking outside, I experienced a lot of amazing feelings. Thank you dear sensei Kanae Takizawa. I will remember these two wonderful days I passed with her and other students all my life. This place too will remember your sweet and kind hearts. Thank you for all who helps that this workshop got successful.

At that time, I had suffered from an anxiety and depressive disorder for a very long time. I had a stressful environment when I came to Japan at the first time, which did not help me overcome this problem. I did several research on natural methods that could help me because I had been tired of taking the medication for a long time. After a few trips here and there. I came across an instructor Kanae Takizawa. She strongly advised me to join BASIC PRANIC HEALING® class.

After the class, my life and my health have radically changed. My panic attacks have decreased in frequency and intensity. I also discovered MEDITATION ON TWIN HEARTS which helped me release my mind and to relieve my pain.

After then, I was also able to take the courses of ADVANCED PRANIC HEALING® ( level 2) and PRANIC PSYCHOTHERAPY® (level 3)

My daughter, who was 6 months old when I started Pranic Healing, is now 3 years old, and she also get benefit from this immense treasure. She was having Atopic dermatitis but she has improved a lot by Pranic Healing treatment. And then, she also became less vulnerable to infections especially after entering the nursery due to the energy protection that I learned to heal her.

I am very grateful to Kanae, to all the Pranic Healers who helped me, to Master Choa Kok Sui and to God for this great gift. (Safae B)